About Me

Hey! Hey!

I’m just like you – a trader eager to find success in the world of the stock market. Like you, I’ve taken numerous stock market trading courses and read countless books on the subject. Yet, despite all my efforts, I still haven’t quite tasted success.

When I embarked on my trading journey, I initially focused on BankNifty options (exciting way to start 😄). The appeal lay in their rapid price fluctuations and affordability, particularly with the allure of weekly expiry days. It was akin to a thrilling gambling experience, and it all began with a sense of excitement and numerous discussions.

At times, I made a profit, while at other times, I faced losses. Armed with limited knowledge of the stock market and primarily dealing in BankNifty options, I spent my days buying and selling with mixed results. Despite the lack of consistent outcomes, I remained intrigued. However, as losses mounted over time and a significant portion of my capital dwindled, a sense of fear gradually crept into my mind regarding further trading.

Now, I’ve entered trading with a fear of losing and a hope to recoup my previous losses. Unfortunately, the situation has taken a turn for the worse. In my desperate attempt to recover the lost funds, I doubled my trade quantity, but the persistent fear in my mind, coupled with my limited knowledge of the stock market, ultimately resulted in even more significant losses.

After experiencing heartbreakingly significant losses, I sought advice from people in the trading community. People are always eager to share their opinions and personal journeys. Some suggested that I should not have begun with BankNifty, while others recommended starting with the equity market. There were numerous opinions from various individuals, but the most common advice was to acquire some knowledge about the stock market before diving into trading. I began to realise that this might be the path to success.

So, I temporarily paused my trading activities and embarked on a journey to educate myself about the stock markets with the hope of future success. I enrolled in a stock market class where I learned the fundamentals of the stock market, including concepts such as support and resistance, various types of candlestick patterns, and chart patterns. I was genuinely amazed and couldn’t help but reflect on how foolish I had been to trade without this knowledge. The excitement of gaining this understanding and being equipped with these essential tools filled me with confidence. I felt like I now had a saviour in the form of trading indicators. With the help of these indicators, I believed I could make better trading decisions.

Nonetheless, despite combining these newfound skills, my results remained inconsistent. There were times when my strategies worked, and times when they didn’t. I began to question if I was doing something fundamentally wrong. That’s when I sought the guidance of an advisor, and it felt like the missing piece of the puzzle. Enter YouTube! Hooray! YouTube became my source of knowledge, inundating me with information on trading and money-making strategies. Countless individuals with multiple videos offered techniques and claimed they would yield results. I eagerly integrated more and more indicators into my trading decisions to the point where I had so many indicators trying to assure me that my trading would be successful.

In the end, all my efforts ended in failure. I found myself in a worse position than when I started, utterly broken and frustrated. It became painfully clear that trading is not an easy game to conquer. Despite these disheartening thoughts, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I had seen some individuals on YouTube making substantial profits. It left me perplexed – how were they able to achieve that? Despite being broken and disheartened, a glimmer of hope for making money still lingered within me. It was at that point when I stumbled upon information about Price Action.

Following that, I enrolled in a Price Action course and delved deeper into the subject. I began reading books about the stock market, armed with previous experience and a keen desire to understand the essence of Price Action. It turned out to be a valuable lesson, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the price itself rather than relying on indicators. Consequently, I cleaned up my chart, removing all the clutter of indicators, making it more readable. Finally, I could see something on the screen that made logical sense.

However, before jumping into trading immediately, I decided to take some time to read books about the stock market, building a solid foundation of knowledge. Amidst all of this, I found myself part of various WhatsApp and Telegram groups where people were enticing me with paid services, promising trading calls and showcasing enticing screenshots of profits. However, I remained steadfast in my commitment to trade independently from the very beginning. So, I simply ignored all these offers and stayed focused on trading on my own, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I made.

But recently, I stumbled upon something fascinating while reading Mark Douglas’ book titled “Trading in the Zone.” It inspired me to craft my own trading edge.

Then, an idea occurred to me: just like myself, there are countless individuals out there struggling to make money in trading. Why not use the knowledge I’ve gained over these years to track all the trades I make and share them in a blog? This way, anyone who is trying to start or facing challenges in trading can benefit from my experiences.

Hence, I’ve decided to start this blog, where I’ll try to document each of my trades, explaining why I took certain actions and sharing the outcomes. I believe that not only will this help others on their trading journey, but it will also contribute to building my own trading edge and perhaps, it can help you in your journey as well.

Here, as we start, you won’t find eye-catching screenshots of instant profits. Instead, we’re beginning with modest beginnings, with a strong focus on achieving long-term success. We’ll gradually increase the trading quantity as we see positive results, and eventually, you’ll witness some fascinating profiles emerge. If you’re new to this blog, I recommend beginning from the very first trade to gain insights into establishing a solid trading edge.

Note: I do not provide any training or paid services. Everything you see here is purely transparent and the sole source of information.

This blog is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Engaging in trading carries inherent risks, so it’s advisable to consult with your financial advisor before making any trading decisions.